Guild Bylaws

1. I will not intentionally do harm to Innocents or Fellow Guild Members. Knowing this, the following is considered to be added to these by-laws:

  • This includes the indiscriminate or unwise use of Magic
  • I will not willingly consort with others, or help others to do harm to Innocents, or to Fellow Guild Members and their property
  • Though not a warring Guild, by charter, there will be times when others declare war on the Guild. I, as a member of the Guild, will not openly consort with members of rival guilds that have openly declared war on the Guild, or have proven to be hostile to the Guild by their actions, words or known intentions

2. I will strive to be Honest, Respectful of others, Trustworthy and Honorable in all aspects of life in UO

3. I am willing and able to fully support myself and will not expect the Guild to support me

4. I am willing to support the Guild with my talents and/or wealth as I am able

5. If a Fellow Guild member is in need of help, and I am able to provide said help, I will make every effort possible to provide assistance

6. If a Fellow Guild Member falls, I will make every effort to try and save their belongings, and will make equal effort to return those belongings at the earliest possible time

7. If I have information that is needed by the Guild, or suspect that information I have is needed or could be valuable to the Guild, I will inform the Guild Council immediately

8. I will Read the new Reputation System FAQ, and try to understand it to the best of my abilities. Knowing this, the following leads to an understanding:

  • Lack of understanding of this system will not be an excuse for violating these by-laws
  • I will make every attempt possible to get clarification to any parts of this system I do not understand
  • I will inform the Guild Council of any parts of this system that may be open to debate as to the consequences of the actions within it, or the parts I do not understand

9. I will actively defend the Guild, its members and property when called upon to do so, in accordance with my abilities, my status and skills

10. I will actively defend Innocents and others when I am able (those not otherwise excluded by these by-laws). If I am unable to immediately aid them, I will render aid as I can

11. I will not knowingly loot or steal from innocents, except in accordance with the orders and general guidelines of the Guild Council and these by-laws. I understand that this holds true for the use of cheats and/or exploits to gain an unfair advantage over another player, or to gain access to their property as these actions are not considered Honorable

12. I agree to follow all orders given to me by the Guild Council and those lawfully appointed over me. However, I will never violate these by-laws to carry out the orders of the Guild Council. Such orders relieve me of my responsibilities to the Guild as far as that single matter is concerned. I will follow my conscience when orders contradict the General Bylaws

13. I will always strive to do my best to follow and adhere to the guidelines given to me in these by-laws

 If you do NOT agree to abide by these Bylaws, do NOT apply for membership!

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